Santiago de Compostela, April 29, 2011 .- The Regional Minister of Education and University, Xesús Vázquez Abad, attended this morning’s presentation of the Vermont Academy campus, held at the monastery of San Martín Pinario in Santiago de Compostela. The ceremony was also attended by the director of the Vermont Academy, Sean Brennan and the director of Centers and Human Resources, José Manuel Pinal.

This is the first experience of the U.S. academic institution, founded in the sixties in Vermont, New England, outside its borders. This is a milestone that the Regional Minister said in his speech by stating that “hinder their landing in Europe through Spain and, more specifically, Galicia.”

At this point Vazquez Abad added that “the basis of the Vermont Academy, are honesty, trust, respect and responsibility. Values ​​shared by the Department of Education, which may be considered as the priorities of the current Galician educational policy. ” It will be a success to have such a prestigious institution in Spain.

The program
It takes note that it is about to end in Santiago de Compostela, the stay of nearly three months of fifteen students from the Vermont Academy. During his stay in the region were to improve language skills by living with the host families and attending classes in physics and chemistry. Also made multiple trips in Galicia and the visits to Madrid, Barcelona and Paris, as well as sports activities involving diverse nature rafting and sailing.

During his speech, the Regional Minister noted that this openness is the encounter of different cultures and that this “always brings expertise not found in books. It is the experience he concluded from reality towards knowledge through theory. “

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