Improve the image of Spain and worn on the outside is the objective of the present Government. To this end, the route is to build a permanent communication channel with the companies. In a press conference where noquestions were accepted, the foreign minister José Manuel García-Margallodefended the idea of ​​building a single brand outside Spain. “Whoever has abrand has a brand, who has two brands have a half mark and who has threebrands do not have any” he argued. Autonomy and invited to join this common effort to unify the country’s image.

Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García-Legaz explained more preciselymoments later. “The idea is to provide regional sales offices using the state network,” he said. And he set an example of this multiplicity to avoid the caseof Sao Paulo, where there are twelve windows along with a regional state office.

And, in the words of García-Margallo, the image of Spain abroad “is worse than the reality” for these situations. “In times of crisis we live in, or leave ouractivity outside or just do not go out” he said García-Margallo. He noted the action of actors to improve Spain’s image abroad as the Royal House, the Armed Forces, the Spanish multinationals or athletes.


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