Minibus and Microbus Luxury Rental With Driver

A very popular option in private transport for groups of people is the rental of Minibuses, Microbuses or Coaches with driver. In Madrid it is usually one of the most viewed vehicles as they are perfect for touring the city in a group as well as for enjoying any trip with the greatest comforts and ample space.

Why rent a minibus or microbus with driver?

There are many reasons that can encourage us to rent a minibus, microbus or coach with driver in Madrid or any other city where we offer this service. In many cases, they are demanded for celebrations of events such as concerts, in other cases for the transport of personnel during their working hours and even to make a tourist guide through Madrid or any city with a certain tourist attraction. Another factor to consider is that driving a minibus, microbus or coach differs greatly from driving a car, so in many cases it is essential to hire the service of a specialized driver with extensive experience in driving of this type of large vehicles.

"Luxury Minibuses and Microbuses with Driver at National and International Level"
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Services with Minibuses or Microbuses in Spain

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What type of Minibus or Microbus can I rent?

As you already know, from Autos América we will offer you the highest quality through our vehicles and it could not be less in our Minibuses or Microbuses with driver. When it comes to renting your minibus with driver, you will have several options, one of them is our magnificent premium minibus van of great volume and ample space for the transport of its passengers. On the other hand, you can also rent your minibus or microbus in the minivan type, with smaller dimensions for access in narrower places such as underground parking or city centers, in addition to having a greater number of luxury details for your enjoyment in trip. As always, by being “premium” ranges you will have all the comforts such as independent seats, personalized air conditioning and high quality finishes.

Can I rent the minibus outside of Madrid?

As you may already know, Autos América is located in the province of Madrid offering its services throughout the national and international terrain. For this reason, you will not have any problem when renting your minibus or microbus either in Madrid or in any other city in Spain. For international services outside of Spanish territory, you should check availability through our form and we will immediately offer you a personalized quote. For your confidence, you should know that we have been offering our Minibus or Microbus services with driver for many years in cities around the world such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, etc … always offering a full guarantee in your satisfaction with the service. Therefore, if you need to rent a minibus or minibus in Madrid or any other city in the world, do not hesitate to trust one of the companies with the most experience and dedication in the private transport sector with driver in Spain.

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